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9/1/2022 10:54 AM

                                                                      Lost Though We Tried Our BEST!

God knows we tried, we did our best, we gave time, financial support, love, patience, but we lost as did they. When the kill shelters spout (to make them feel better about themselves) - "Well you can't save them all" ARK takes a different view; so does the No Kill Advocacy Center ( In ARK's case, we tried with these dear souls and we lost. Our hearts continue to grieve, always will, for their departure from this Earth. They know we gave it our all; we believe that with all our hearts.

It would take too much time and detail to write or read their individual stories but for now we honor their presence on this earth, their tribulations, their loss, our failure, and our sad hearts. We know you're safe in Heaven dear ones. You are healed, whole, and full of life and love. For that we find gratitude. Salvation at last.

Kahn - Isabelle - Bruce
KahnisabellaBruce at my house