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3/17/2021 12:36 PM


Interested in Adopting an ARK Rescue?

Connect here for more information before you adopt:

Print off Adopt Form and email to
You cannot fill out the form online.

Adoption Application:

The facilities below have hundreds of abandoned animals if you can't find the right pet at ARK.

These places are attempting to go NO KILL but as yet they're killing. Help them save lives....

Pet Vet Cruiser -

Southeast Volusia Humane Society - 386-428-9860 |;

Halifax Humane Society - 386-274-4703 |;

Putnam County Animal Control - 386-329-0396 |  

New Hope Animal Shelter

Edgewater animal shelter -  386-402-7476 |

 Halifax Humane Society - 386-274-4703 |