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Animal Success Stories

raven-black lab 


   ARK has so many success stories that it does not

have the time or the room to write them.




Abby's Story - I'm a black lab full of energy who really needed a forever home. It was pretty rough at my other place, being on a chain, not really getting much attention. My new mom had a black lab named Cody and wanted a playmate for him so I got lucky! A couple of nights after I arrived my mom was on the sofa watchng tv. Cody was on his bed on the living room floor and I was on the sofa with my new mom. I got off the sofa, went over to the bed, and laid down right next to Cody. We started giving each other little kisses and sniffing each other's ears. It almost brought tears to my mom's eyes! I really bonded with Cody and that makes my mom so happy seeing us together. She says she has two clowns living with her and we make her laugh. My mom admits though that I have absolutely no concept of the word "no" so we are diligently working on that and I guess I'll have to learn what it means. I am just the luckiest dog there is to have my new family. I know I'm adored because my mom is spending a fortune having me go through heartworm treatments! 

   A LOVE STORY - Anne Marie Peppers-Bates and Francis

  Anne Marie & Francis

Francis was kept outside in a refrigerator turned on its side for over 4 months. A hole was cut in the side so she could receive food and water. She was chained and had a small amount of lead on the chain but not enough to keep her from living in her own excrement. Four months of torture until animal control in DeLand rescued her and took her to FloridaWild Veterinary Hospital. No one could believe her condition, the utter vile filth, and the fear. She stayed in the corner of the room for 2 weeks at the hospital's wellness center, finally slowly coming out to greet people. Anne Marie's mom, Susan, was notified that ARK had a perfect match for her child. For several weeks Susan came regularly to visit Francis. Anne Marie and her dad, Todd, also came to visit. Francis learned to trust again but the ability to love had yet to be shown. After two weeks Francis went home to Anne Marie and thus began a vigil. Nightly Francis lay outside Anne Marie's bedroom door protecting her. No one had asked her to do it, had shown her, or taught her. Francis knew she had found love and she was returning it. Finally her nightmare had ended thanks to the Pepper-Bates Family and their darling Anne Marie.


 Little Stevie Wonder - Just thought I would send you an update for Little Stevie. The other day I had some  pain and muscle spasms in my right leg, but I kept going. By that evening I had such horrible pain that I  could barely stand for the introduction. Tears were streaming from my eyes and I had taken 2 Xstrength  Tylenol. Somehow I got through the evening and limped into my home. I settled in my bed, where Stevie  was sleeping in his fleece-line bed, and lay there still tearing from the pain. Stevie jumped out of his bed and  came up to my face and licked my tears. He then sat down by me instead of going back to sleep. I slept on  and off that night, but every time I was awake I noticed that Stevie was standing or sitting by my side. He  didn't go to sleep all night. Instead, he watched over me and offered all the love he had to make me feel better. When ARK rescued Stevie from a kill shelter he had been in his cage for two weeks with a broken leg and no pain meds. He was to be killed on Friday. We saved  him on Thursday. 

 Harley asleep HARLEY - I was rescued from the kill shelter by ARK. I then went to six different fosters because I was a Wild Child! Finally my 6th foster had enough patience and a big yard, just what I needed. I jumped, chewed, ran, and dug and thoroughly enjoyed life. When my new mom, Carole, met me, she fell in love. I now live the life of a Spoiled Child on 16 acres with a sister. I took over the house, the bed, and everyone's life. Thank you ARK for not giving up on me!


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