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10/22/2014 3:46 PM

No Kill Advocacy Movement 

To learn more about the "No Kill Advocacy Movement" visit

Presented to the City of DeLand,
Maggi Hall, ARK President - November 2008

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it treats its animals." -- Ghandi

REALITY - Unethical behavior to kill healthy animals:

  • Our county has a serious dilemma. But there is a humane solution. At present taxpayers spend over ONE MILLION DOLLARS annually to kill healthy companion animals and free roaming cats.
  •  Some veterinarians kill healthy companion animals when requested by owners although homes could be found for these innocent creatures.

ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE - Ethical behavior by declaring Volusia County a "No Kill" Community:

  • Requires TEAMWORK, dedication, vision, creativity, hard work
  • Communities across the nation have adopted the "No Kill Advocacy Movement"
    • Charlottesville VA; Port Washington NY; Reno NV, Richmond VA
    • Florida - Manatee Co.; Flagler Co.; North Brevard Co.; Alachua Co.
  • A True "No Kill" Facility Will....
    • Increase lifesaving
    • Implement mandatory programs and services including:
      • A free roaming cat TNR program
      • Offer high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter services
      • Enlist rescue groups
      • Develop a foster care list
      • Engage in a comprehensive adoption program
      • Encourage pet retention by owners
      • Offer medical and behavior rehabilitation
      • Strengthen public relations and community involvement
      • Enlist volunteers for a variety of functions
      • Hire a compassionate director
  • Our Community Must:
    • Adopt the "Declaration of the No Kill Movement in the United States"
    • Pass "The Companion Animal Protection Act of 2007"
    • Require shelters and veterinarians to stop killing healthy animals
    • Form a coalition of compassionate leaders
    • Change our laws
    • Become consistent among the county and its municipalities as well as with other Florida counties
    • Establish free roaming cat colonies
    • Develop a facility on the Westside
    • Locate funds 
    • Partner with veterinarian hospitals

It is OUR Choice. Take the easy route and KILL or work hard, behave ethically, and SAVE LIVES. Download the "No Kill Movement" Documents